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  • Summer Vacation

    Summer Vacation

  • August Nights

    August Nights

    Hello everyone! I’ve been traveling a lot and am now suffering some sort of plague. The fever plus the August heat have inspired this particular comic. I’ve spent the last two nights too hot to fall asleep, and actually did pick up a book of ghost stories just to feel goosebumps again. Happy birthday to…

  • A Day at Long Lake

    A Day at Long Lake

    Our house was a short walk from this lake. It’s my dream to one day own a house right on the water of a lake like this, even if it’s a run-down old shack. Even if it’s just a pop-up trailer. Even if it’s just a tent. I’d be content. For as long as the…

  • Christmas Baby in July

    Christmas Baby in July

    Poor Ashley’s birthday falls just after Christmas. Every birthday, her friends were busy with their families or away on vacation. One year, Mom took pity on her and let her have a birthday party in the summer. Ashley got to invite some friends over to camp in the yard.