Are We Almost There?

It’s road trip season and have I got the song for you. Chrissy used to sing the most terribly annoying song on every road trip, there and back. It has only one lyric. And it goes like this:

Thanks for watching my stop-motion video! That was over 650 still frames and took who knows how many hours to string together. Lyrics by Chrissy, vocals by me, Charlotte and Dad. The music was done by anonymusic. Thanks to everyone who helped along the way!

“I am Right, You are Wrong,” the Song


I just┬áreceived this song in my inbox, and I couldn’t wait to share it! This is Chrissy’s awful victory song set to music. Please share it whenever you win a pointless argument. Personally, I’m setting it as Chrissy’s new ringtone.

Lyrics by Chrissy Belanger

Sung by Charlotte Belanger

Music by the talented Chris “Moose” Mohsseni