Cast of Characters

Mom and Dad. They are in love.

Mom and Dad, just trying to survive. Mom likes conspiracy theories, romance and mystery novels, and coffee. Dad likes telling stories, inventing pizzas, and watching crime shows.

"Leave me alone!"

Nicki, the oldest, has never missed a homework assignment. Likes reading everything she can get her hands on, walking in the woods, and being able to boss everyone around. Is often cranky.

"What rhymes with 'scandalous'?"

Ashley, the second oldest, lives in her cowboy boots. Like writing, exploring and having alone time. Is popular and genuinely sweet… until you cross her.

"I am right! You are WRONG!"

Chrissy, the middlest, doesn’t miss a trick. Likes pushing people’s buttons, making up annoying songs, blackmail, and special treatment. Is constantly plotting.


Charlotte, the second to youngest, always has a joke ready. Likes watching movies on repeat until she learns every line of dialogue, being included in her older sisters’ activities, and any form of attention. Is vain (the hand-me-downs bother her the most), sentimental, and an aspiring comedian.

"Everything is so spinny!"

Tess, the baby, is tired of “everyone always picking on” her. Likes hanging upside down until all the blood rushes to her head, cuddling animals, and sucking up to Mom.

"Meow." "My name is Doogie, I think."

Rapunzel and Doogie, the cat and the dog. Rapunzel likes curling up in dark, small spaces, accompanying the girls to the bus stop and on hikes, and sleeping. Doogie likes chasing cars, balls, cats, Tess, lizards, and anything else that moves.

23 thoughts on “Cast of Characters

  1. I love your stories and the wonderfully inventive way you tell them. I have three grown children, and I’m sure they can relate to the relationships and adventures you describe!

  2. Did Chrissy make up any other songs besides “I am right, you are wrong, you are the dirtiest thing of all?”

  3. Honestly, I love your characters. It’s even more amazing to me how you make your characters out of different materials, and are able to make stories out of them. I haven’t started reading any of your stories yet, but I hope to soon. I do wish you the best of luck, goodbye now. :)

  4. I love your character so much, and this idea is so unique and creative. I have yet to find another blog like yours! I have just followed and am truly looking forward to more fantastic posts. I would appreciate a follow back if you enjoy my blog, :) I look forward to a great blogging relationship!

  5. First Blog I looked at while setting up my own new one and you have knocked my socks off! I am an art-quilt designer/maker, among other things and your wonderful little characters are a great inspiration for a way to create figures in fabric too! (Art-Quilts are “pictures drawn with pieces of fabric”) You have another fan! Keep up that creative energy!

  6. Dude, I am so the middlest child. I’m in a family of 4 kids, accept I share the middle with my brother (who is the only child)…. which makes me the nothingest child. <3

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