Making Perfect





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  1. sweetmother Avatar

    completely brilliant. seriously.

  2. pgsstudio Avatar

    That was hysterical!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you! Glad you liked it!

  3. pgsstudio Avatar

    That was hysterical!!

  4. teaselcreatures Avatar

    Giggle, what a ham. Becky Pinckney

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      :D glad to make you smile!

  5. missemmalou Avatar

    Hahaha! that made my day!

  6. Miranda Gargasz Avatar
    Miranda Gargasz

    Love the watery eyes about to spill over!
    Little method actor!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Seriously. I have reason to believe she faked many an injury as well.

  7. Go Jules Go Avatar

    Ha! Oh yes. Was ever there a handier skill? I mean between this and how to deliver the perfect back-handed compliment, you’re pretty much set for life.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      A little lipstick and blue eyeshadow for a bruise for pity, and you’ve got it made in the shade.

      1. Emily Avatar

        That is, until a concerned adult puts ice on the “bruise,” and the condensation from the ice washes it away.

  8. jensine Avatar

    I use to do that (blush)

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      It is very brave of you to admit it! :D

      1. jensine Avatar

        lol … well I did think I’d be an actress :-)

  9. Le Clown Avatar
    Le Clown

    My daughter should not see this. It could pe an inspiring tale for some… So it’s decided: my daughter will NOT see this.
    Le Clown

    1. Le Clown Avatar
      Le Clown

      …and by “pe”, we mean “be”, of course…
      Le Clown

    2. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Chrissy is a very naughty influence, but of course that’s what makes her the most fun.

  10. notquiteold Avatar

    I did not do this. However…
    If I WAS crying, I sometimes used the opportunity to see how it looked…

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Hahahaha! I believe that!

  11. muddledmom Avatar

    My daughter doesn’t “practice.” But she certainly likes to draw it out much longer than necessary and see what she looks like in the mirror. Unfortunately, she must like what she sees.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      If one must cry, then, really, it’s best if one can refine one’s technique. One thinks.

  12. sparksmcgee Avatar


    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Oh, no! You read the alt text! I was going to put a warning not to read the alt text, but then I thought it might encourage people to read the alt text who otherwise would not have. Seriously, everyone. Stay away from the alt text. It is too sad.

      1. Winn Avatar

        Nicki, I read the alt text before I read this warning… too sad. LOVE the double meaning with the panels and alt text though. Genius!

  13. anyapop Avatar

    i love her expression!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks! It was SO fun to make that. My daughter looked over my shoulder as I worked and scolded me for making “Aunt Rissy” cry and then laughing about it.

  14. whisperingiris Avatar

    He he. What a character!

  15. on thehomefrontandbeyond Avatar

    ha ha – how many people have not done this

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      I was curious how many people would admit to it… not many, though!

  16. Jill Pinnella Corso Avatar
    Jill Pinnella Corso

    Did that happen?

    I look really beautiful when I cry. It’s my curse.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      This is the best comment, hahaha…

  17. Emily Avatar

    Wow, crying on command is hard. Did Chrissy go on to do any kind of acting?

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Nope, but Charlotte did!

      1. Emily Avatar

        So, Charlotte’s an actor, you’re an artist and a writer, and that leaves music, dance, and film. Please tell me there’s a sister for each art form……that’d be just too awesome. :)

        1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

          Well, no… but Ashley’s a writer and Tess is also an artist. :)

  18. c to c friendspirations Avatar

    Very funny, and cute. Love your posts.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thank you; that is very kind

  19. whatimeant2say Avatar

    It must have been fun to do the last two pics with the mirror. You always have such great ideas!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      It WAS fun! A little bit challenging.

  20. lakshmilovestoshop Avatar

    So so cute…I love the crying picture…love love it!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Me, too! I laughed when making it.

  21. She's a Maineiac Avatar

    ha! Love the second frame down when the tears are just welling up…you’ve captured that perfectly. My daughter cries all the time. I asked her recently, “why are you crying?” and she thought for a moment and said, “I just love to cry! I just do!”

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      What refreshing honesty!

  22. Tin Roof Press Avatar

    i like to do this sometimes :)

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      It’s a way to pass the time.

      1. Tin Roof Press Avatar

        sure is. Also I like to generate my own tears for imaginary characters.

  23. speaker7 Avatar

    Aha! I knew it! I knew kids practiced that manipulation technique. I sense a little of that drama in my own offspring. Loved this!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      All children are liars! I mean actors. (I mean liars.)

  24. bhbkidstyle Avatar

    Just like my daughter! – I love the tears in the eyes!

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Thanks :D My daughter kept asking me why I was making her “Aunt Rissy” cry. For some reason, she didn’t like my answer: because it’s funny!

  25. Michelle Gillies Avatar
    Michelle Gillies

    It didn’t work for me. Did it for you?

  26. amchdesign Avatar

    mouahahaha so funny ! ♥

  27. Winn Avatar

    How long did the mirror panels take? Can’t believe you did it!!

  28. Monique"s FM/CFS Blog Avatar
    Monique”s FM/CFS Blog

    Really cute…

  29. Audrey Avatar

    I think she’s got it down to an art form!!

  30. Micaela Avatar

    Hmmm…I remember having similar moments in front of the mirror. And I’ve seen my younger daughter do the same thing! ;)

  31. London accountant Avatar

    How you make eyes that expressive and reflective using FELT? Amazing.

  32. The Good Greatsby Avatar

    That’s why I’ve never gotten out of a speeding ticket.

    1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

      Me neither! But the real Middlest Sister has.

  33. Eda Avatar

    I’m not usually such a sap, but this actually made me cry. I must be over tired. Nice one, Chrissy.

      1. Eda Avatar

        Don’t be sorry! The dead puppy story just made me sad.

        And I’m sorry–you’re not Chrissy. I knew that. But I wonder, if you’re the middlest, why aren’t you in the middle on your banner?

        1. Emily Avatar

          Nicki is the oldest, but the stories are mostly centred around Chrissy, who is the very middle of the middle children in the family–therefore making her “the middlest sister.” Despite the fact that Chrissy often got lost in the shuffle, being the third of five girls, she was apparently quite a character, and so, Nicki has decided to capture that through these stories that she writes and collages every few weeks. Nicki, did I get that about right?

          1. Eda Avatar

            Thanks, Emily. I was confused. Nicki, you might want to explain that on your “About” page. I absolutely love your work. Keep it up!

            1. Nicole Smeltzer Avatar

              Thank you, Eda. I used to have a FAQ page up, but I’m still tinkering with the new one.

  34. Mandii Avatar

    haha, very cute!! love it xD

  35. russelllindsey Avatar

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    Drama, drama, drama.

  36. pegoleg Avatar

    Crying on demand – now THAT is a valuable life skill. I always wished I could halt crying on demand but I have never had any control over that particular bodily function. Great pictures!

  37. goodboyroy Avatar

    Reblogged this on GoodBoyRoy's Blog and commented:
    very fun, unique, cool

  38. jell jell @ I'll Sleep When They're Grown Avatar

    Oh, the eyes welling up! You do this so well. And I do remember trying to make myself cry. I still occasionally look in the mirror while crying (if it’s around) because it’s so hard to do on command.

  39. cyelip Avatar

    Awesome. Just..awesome. Keep doing that!

  40. bloggeretterized Avatar

    I was having a crappy day. I needed my dose of The Middlest Sister and now everything is fine and dandy! Thanks! Love your work!

  41. Angie Z. Avatar

    Hey, I thought I invented this trick!

  42. Granny Avatar

    Ha! Ha! Reminds me of my mother, but with laughing. We’d ask her to pretend she was laughing and within moments she would laugh hysterically and could not stop…. and neither could we!

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