94 thoughts on “Making Perfect

      1. That is, until a concerned adult puts ice on the “bruise,” and the condensation from the ice washes it away.

  1. Nicole,
    My daughter should not see this. It could pe an inspiring tale for some… So it’s decided: my daughter will NOT see this.
    Le Clown

  2. My daughter doesn’t “practice.” But she certainly likes to draw it out much longer than necessary and see what she looks like in the mirror. Unfortunately, she must like what she sees.

    1. Oh, no! You read the alt text! I was going to put a warning not to read the alt text, but then I thought it might encourage people to read the alt text who otherwise would not have. Seriously, everyone. Stay away from the alt text. It is too sad.

      1. So, Charlotte’s an actor, you’re an artist and a writer, and that leaves music, dance, and film. Please tell me there’s a sister for each art form……that’d be just too awesome. :)

  3. ha! Love the second frame down when the tears are just welling up…you’ve captured that perfectly. My daughter cries all the time. I asked her recently, “why are you crying?” and she thought for a moment and said, “I just love to cry! I just do!”

      1. Don’t be sorry! The dead puppy story just made me sad.

        And I’m sorry–you’re not Chrissy. I knew that. But I wonder, if you’re the middlest, why aren’t you in the middle on your banner?

        1. Nicki is the oldest, but the stories are mostly centred around Chrissy, who is the very middle of the middle children in the family–therefore making her “the middlest sister.” Despite the fact that Chrissy often got lost in the shuffle, being the third of five girls, she was apparently quite a character, and so, Nicki has decided to capture that through these stories that she writes and collages every few weeks. Nicki, did I get that about right?

          1. Thanks, Emily. I was confused. Nicki, you might want to explain that on your “About” page. I absolutely love your work. Keep it up!

  4. Crying on demand – now THAT is a valuable life skill. I always wished I could halt crying on demand but I have never had any control over that particular bodily function. Great pictures!

  5. Ha! Ha! Reminds me of my mother, but with laughing. We’d ask her to pretend she was laughing and within moments she would laugh hysterically and could not stop…. and neither could we!

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