A Jolly Lark

Remember how I read a lot of books with antiquated vocabulary as a child? (See A Bosom Friend for more.) Well, here’s another comic based on that. When I asked for her opinion on this comic, Charlotte called it “The most unfunny thing [I] have ever written.” Maybe she just didn’t like it because she wasn’t in it. Or maybe I only think it’s funny because I am sick and consuming lots of cough syrup and then lots of coffee to combat the sleepy effects of the cough syrup. Maybe this comic is best enjoyed while drinking cough syrup and coffee.*










*Not a serious recommendation. Please don’t drink cough syrup and coffee.

45 thoughts on “A Jolly Lark

  1. Nancy Drew is all that and more! I have to tell you she’s not that funny though. I giggled as soon as you said, “jolly lark”. It is just one of those things that is fun to say. I’m thinking your sisters should have spent less time with video games and more time with books. No offence to the none readers. We all need a jolly lark occasionally. *giggling*

    1. We were all big readers, but not all of us liked the old classics. SOME of us mostly read Babysitters Club and Goosebumps. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

      1. Oh, Nintendo. Than you and your sisters are much younger than me and mine. But, I still relate to everything you write, minus the electronics. We had to sew and knit for fun.
        Tell your sister that your fans think this is funny. Everyone wants a Jolly Lark!

  2. When we lived overseas we had English neighbors who were always calling things “a lark” — I loved it!

    Feel better — and it’s nice to see you!

  3. LOL, I used to read a lot of British romance novels when I was young, so yeah, I can relate when I would say things like ‘jolly lark’ or knew what a regency book was, or what ‘coming out’ meant. So yeah, we all need a good ole jolly lark!

    1. Wait, you mean “coming out” in the debutante sense, or “coming out” as in, coming out of the closet?

  4. PS: ever use hooligans and shenanigans? Malarky is another good one. Old words are awesome, you are not weird, looking forward to the next comic!

  5. I think it’s funny, even if I didn’t have quite the same reading list as you growing up. As a kid, I wouldn’t have had a clue what you were talking about. That’s what makes this so clever. Love this.

  6. I don’t agree with Charlotte, I think it is funny. – Just finished my morning coffee but the caffeine has not kicked in, yet which is a good measuring device in my case. :)

    I hope you are much better by now!

  7. I definitely would have been playing Nintendo, not reading, but later in life, I did become infatuated with the phrase “confound it, I’ve got the gout,” which I read from one of the Three Musketeer books.

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