22. Our Time

The cat stalks a cockroach through the hallway as the girls sleep.
Chrissy tiptoes out of her bedroom.
Chrissy pours herself a bowl of cereal. The clock reads 3:27AM.
Chrissy sidles up to the Ashley, who is in the living room eating cereal and watching TV.
Ashley: What are YOU doing here?
Chrissy: I want to watch TV, too.
Ashley: No. You go away. I wake up before everyone else. I get first pick of breakfast cereals. I watch TV alone. This is MY time. Go away!
Chrissy reaches into her pocket angrily.
Chrissy pulls out the note she found earlier. "Hey Ash, are you really talking with Brian? He is soooooooo cute...."
Ashley drops her spoon in shock.
Chrissy reads on. "My mom won't let me date boys yet either. Are you going to--"
Ashley lunges at Chrissy.
Ashley struggles to get the note from Chrissy as Chrissy reads on: "Are you going to go to the dance together? I bet he tries to--|
Chrissy pulls the note away from Ashley.
Chrissy re-pockets the note. "Welcome to Our Time."
Ashley glares at Chrissy as she sits beside her, blissfully eating cereal and watching TV.





2 responses to “22. Our Time”

  1. Emily Avatar

    I like how Ashley is wearing the headband she duped her distracted mother into getting for her in the story where Nicki got her first bra.

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