84 thoughts on “The Creeps

    1. Oh, yeah. I’ve never been able to. I wouldn’t go near anything that even vaguely resembled a scary movie. I refused to watch Ghostbusters for 15 years after it came out. It had GHOSTS in it!

  1. LOL! In our old house, while I would be home alone watching tv at night…I’d hear someone walking upstairs then down the stairs. It was my big ole cat, Max. He sounded just like an adult human walking up there on the wood floors.

  2. Where to start? The television show is unbelievably fantastic (I thought it was a real television at first), the imagined monsters are superb, the story line is perfect. Well done!

  3. Love the monster hand on the light switch! Is it just me or isn’t it just a little bit thrilling to be scared?

  4. I couldn’t and still can’t watch scary movies. I like suspense, a bit of a thriller…but scary movies are just not for me!!! And the more psychologically creepy they are, the worse…

    But your artwork on the other hand is amazing, as usual! I always look forward to a new post! :)

    1. Thanks, Dounia! I can’t watch scary movies either. Charlotte LOVED them. And scary books. I did better with scary books, but “Wait Til Helen Comes” gave me nightmares for ages.

  5. That you can convey so much emotion by cutting pieces of paper up blows my mind. You are not only really good at this– you are also getting better. It is also really funny… but the art aspect of this is kind of trippy sometimes. I love it.

  6. It’s so true!!! Whenever wifey is away and I suddenly think back to some scary movie I’ve watched, I’ll go hug my dog and everything will be better.

    Unless of course, he starts to bark at the door for no apparent reason.

  7. LOL! I still cannot watch horror movies in the dark! As a matter of fact, I do not watch them at all. When I was in my teens I made the mistake and watched “Psycho”, it took me months, and I mean months for me to feel safe while taking a shower. Sorry for the late reply…

  8. Love this shadow and B&W work! Those bulging eyes!!! I can’t even watch the commercials for scary movies that are always on this time of year, let alone watching the movies themselves!

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