8. Running Away From Our Problems

Chrissy stands screaming in her new bedroom, unpacked boxes all around her.
Mom: What's the matter?
Chrissy: A sick, disgusting cockroach just ran under that box!
Mom frowns.
Mpm: Don't say "cockroach," sweetie. Say "palmetto bug."
Chrissy pouts.
Mom: Why don't you help me out and move that empty box?
Chrissy lifts the box and screams as 4 cockroaches dash out from under it.
Mom rolls her eyes.
Chrissy runs screaming through the hallway but pauses as she passes a window.
Chrissy looks out the window.
Chrissy is staring at Charlotte, who is walking toward the end of the driveway with the dog and a large black trash bag
Charlotte glares at the Florida wildlife that surrounds her and swats a butterfly away from her face.
Charlotte begins walking down the sidewalk.
Charlotte walks more.
Charlotte approaches the end of the street and a stop sign.
Charlotte looks up at the stop sign, glares at it, then turns away.
Charlotte turns around and begins to walk back home.
Chrissy watches from the doorway as Charlotte walks back home.
Chrissy smirks.
Chrissy: What happened, Charlie-Warlie? I thought you were going back to Massachusetts?
Charlotte: Zip it, Prissy. You know I'm not allowed to cross the street by myself.





One response to “8. Running Away From Our Problems”

  1. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    I think there are times we would all like to run away. And we all have some rule holding us back.

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