79 thoughts on “The Best Day Ever Invented

    1. Thanks, Paprika! But that’s actually my sister’s beloved pound puppy by a hand-written note, a little nod to Ashley’s blog project which tells a story through a series of passed notes.

  1. Your posts never cease to amaze me and make me laugh! This was fantastic – the facial expressions alone were enough to make this post. :D

    1. Thanks! I’ve been learning this cut-paper craft as I go along, so I hope the illustrations will continue to improve. The facial expressions are so important to get right, so I’m glad to hear I’m hitting the mark!

  2. I knew something was up based on how absolutely unimpressed and bored she is, hahaha! And look, a Gameboy! :)
    Now who’s the one with the scab on her knee?

  3. I tell that stick joke sometimes too… It goes over better when your audience has had a beer or two. :)

  4. Fantastic. Love the video game in the background. I was introduced to Opposite Day by Spongebob. I have very sophisticated tastes in TV.

    1. Thanks to Spongebob, we also have Opposite Day regularly. I always speak like Squidward to give it all substance. My kids are going to love this post.

  5. Ha! Oh I can relive so many memories with this!!!!! Your talent is incredible on so many levels!

  6. My kids do this to each other all the time. They have opposite day randomly.
    Love the little details, as usual: the scab on knee, the gameboy, dog eating letter/ homework – couldnĀ“t read it, the waving and ready bracelet, the kiddy drawing on the wall, the…

  7. Is that a friendship bracelet or one of those ribbon barrettes she is making? Do you remember those? I’m guessing it had to be a bracelet. As always, you never cease to amaze with your art and uncanny ability to capture the minute miseries of childhood. My kids are perfecting these skills daily. Love it!

  8. I thank you ! I am going to show this to my older step daughter ….maybe the threat of her attitude being fodder for her sister’s blog in 20 years will mello her a bit. Fabulous artwork, as usual !

      1. How did that cut on Ashley’s knee? I find that most scars have good stories behind them. For example, when I was nine, I got chicken pox. I was told not to scratch, because it’d scar, and I really, REALLY tried not to, but my biggest and itchiest spot was on my forehead, right between my eyes, so I just couldn’t resist scratching that one spot. So, now I’m 27, and that scar is still there, despite my ALMOST perfect compliance to the “no scratching” rule. By the way, Nicole, you should do a story about chicken pox sometime.

  9. That’s SO funny……..by the way, I know the way out of the “opposite day” trap. When I lived in Australia, I volunteered briefly in “Creative Classes” at a local elementary school, and in the Year One class (grade one, first grade, six-year-olds, whatever you want to call it), there was a table of rowdy boys who’d throw things at each other and generally cause chaos. Thus gave rise to the following exchange:

    ME: Please don’t throw the markers at each other. Pass them nicely.

    ROWDY BOY: It’s opposite day, so you meant DON’T pass the markers nicely, and throw them!!!

    ME: Well, if you said that it’s opposite day, on opposite day, then that means it’s NOT opposite day!!! So, pass the markers nicely.

  10. The bedroom with the Gameboy, notebook paper and Pound Puppy (making his second appearance)! The braided friendship bracelets! Oh, your details were 1st rate! I mean, they always are. But if you compare you to you, you’ve outdone yourself!

  11. So, did all five of you girls really share a room, or did the other four share, while you had your own? In “Alligators Under the Bed,” the Nicole character (a.k.a. you) appeared to have her own room, but in every other story, she lives in the big room with the bunk beds. I never quite understood that.

    1. At the beginning of “Alligators,” I explain that I had my own room only once and that I didn’t like it. All five of us never shared a room, but four of us did for several years.

  12. Bahaha!! Good ol opposite day. I LOVE how you always capture a little piece of my childhood in your posts. I so look forward to reading them! And looking at them. :) You are very talented!

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