4. Pirate Life

The 4 sisters appear as pirates on two opposing ships. Ashley has Chrissy at the plank with a sword to her back. She calls to Nicki: "Surrender your booty or your sister gets it!
Chrissy: I get the treasure?!
Ashley: No, dummy! You get the PLANK!
Chrissy screams as she plummets into the sea.
Meanwhile in the living room... bits of ceiling fall on Mom's head as a loud BAM! sound comes from the floor above.
Nicki: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! My fair Christine!
Nicki dives into the sea.
Another loud BAM. Mom looks up at the ceiling, annoyed.
Nicki swims to Chrissy. Chrissy: But Nicki! What about the treasure?
Nicki puts a lifesaver around Chrissy. Nicki: You are my greatest treasure, you fool!
Charlotte watches from a cannon. Charlotte: How touching! You've finally realized what's most important. Alas, now you must... DIE!"
Charlotte lights a match. "Ready on your mark, Ashley!"
Ashley: Aww, c'mon Charlie... I told you to call me Captain Eagle Eye.
Charlotte: CHARLIE?! Didn't I tell YOU to call me--
Chrissy: Oh, not this again. If they're going to kill us, I hope they hurry up.
Ashley: Well. Let's not keep them waiting, Charlotte. 

Charlotte: Aye aye, Eagle-Eye!
As Nicki and Chrissy scream, someone clears their throat from off-panel.
Mom looks into the girls' bedroom. Nicki and Chrissy are playing on the floor in a pile of pillows. Ashley and Charlotte are lobbing a pillow at them from atop a bunk bed.
Mom: Stop jumping off the beds! You'll wake the baby!
Mom frowns at the girls from the door.
Mom exits.
Ashley: All clear! Let's get 'em!
Ashley and Charlotte scream aa they plummet into the sea.
A baby's cry fills the air. Chrissy: Uh-oh.
Nicki: I'll go get her!
Chrissy calls after Nicki as she leaves: What? You're abandoning me? What happened to "You are my greatest treasure"??
Ashley and Charlotte move in to attack Chrissy. Chrissy: NICKI, I HOPE YOU GET SCURVY!





4 responses to “4. Pirate Life”

  1. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    Imagination was really the only toy we needed. This is brilliant.

  2. teaselcreatures Avatar

    Always a great tale to read! Hahaha!

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