11. Getting Crabby

The girls are inside, playing Boggle in the living room.
Nicki: Did you hear that?
Chrissy: Shhh! Stop trying to break my concentration.
Nicki: No, I'm serious. It sounds like something's at the door...
The girls all listen.
Ashley jumps up. "Oh, maybe it's a little lost puppy!"
Chrissy: NO! Don't open it! It's probably a giant cockroach!
Mom: Palmetto bug!
Ashley opens the door, her eyes popping out of her head.
The rest of the girls peek through the doorway behind her.
A large blue land crab sits on the welcome mat, waving its claws aggressively.
The girls slam the door closed.
The girls stand on the couch, screaming.
Mom: What NOW?
The girls point at the front door.
Mom looks annoyed.
Mom opens the front door.
The crab is still there. And the front yard is crawling with more land crabs.
Mom slams the door closed.
Mom takes a deep breath at the doorway.
The girls peer up at Mom.
Chrissy: WELL?
Mom: Take the broom if you're going to go outside.
The girls looks dubious/sad as they realize this is their new Florida life.





2 responses to “11. Getting Crabby”

  1. teaselcreatures Avatar

    I laughed and laughed as I read today’s post! How funny and clever you are at depicting your “fond” memories. Love it!

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  2. SilkPurseProductions Avatar

    I love how they all abandon the baby and are standing on the couch! You certainly had your share of humorous adventures.

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