13. Halloween

The girls are in their costumes, ready to trick-or-treat.
Chrissy: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! I am so excited! A girl at school told me our neighborhood has the best candy.
Charlotte: Wew, duyuh no wha a guh ah shuhl tollme?
Chrissy: Huh?
Charlotte removes her plastic vampire teeth.
Charlotte: Do you know what a girl at school told ME?
Ashley: No, what?
Charlotte: Our house is haunted!
The girls look shocked, imitating Ashley's Scream mask.
Chrissy: What exactly did she say?
Charlotte: It's haunted by the ghost of a little boy who lived there a long time ago. The house was vacant for years after he died, but people could sometimes see a shadowy figure looking out the window...
Ashley: How sad!

Chrissy: Oooo, I bet our room used to be his!
Charlotte: Halloween is when it's supposed to be easiest to talk to spirits...

Nicki: Don't be silly. There's no such thing as ghosts.
Some girls: Hey, Nicki, are you ready?
The sisters look shocked again.
Nicki: Yes! I'll be right there!
Nicki: I wasn't sure if they really meant it! ...Um, I'll see you guys later, okay?
Chrissy: What? Since when does she have friends?
Ashley, Chrissy, Charlotte and Tess continue to trick-or-treat.
Charlotte: You know, I don't really feel good... I think I better go home. You guys go on without me.
Chrissy: WHAT?! First Nicki, now you... what is going on tonight!
Chrissy looks suspicious.
Charlotte heads to the house alone.
Charlotte opens the door in the darkened house.
Charlotte steels herself.
Charlotte: Hello? Little ghost? Are you there? Can you hear me?
Charlotte waits.
Charlotte's eyes open wide.
Charlotte: H-h-h-hello?
Loud knocking continues through the hallway.
The knocking seems to be coming from Charlotte and Chrissy's bedroom.
A suspiciously Chrissy-shaped shadow knocks at the window in the bedroom.
Charlotte's hair stands on end.
Charlotte: THE GHOST!
Nicki: Oh, sorry  Charlotte. I didn't know you were there!
Charlotte turns on the light. Nicki is covered in raw eggs and toilet paper. "Nicki! Oh, no! What happened?"
Nicki: I don't want to talk about it. I just..."
Nicki screams: I HATE IT HERE! I HATE IT!
Charlotte stares sadly after Nicki as she leaves.
Chrissy throws open the front door shouting BOO!
Charlotte startles.
Chrissy laughs madly.





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